Blog Entries - 2016


In re Estate of Harmon In action against executor for recovery of assets of estate, trial court had jurisdiction to render a summary judgment to plaintiff where the judgment covered use of funds by executor, even

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OBAMA's PROPOSED 2015 BUDGET: Mandatory ROTH Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) The rule to impose RMDs would bring Roth IRAs into line with traditional IRAs, which already require mandatory distributions at age 70

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BUSINESS SUCCESSION PLANNING IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT BUSINESS MANIPULATION TURNS INTO 547 MILLION DOLLAR JUDGMENT Reproduction of an Article from the Cincinnati Enquirer by Andrew Wolfson, @adwolfson9:09 a.m. EDT

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Settlor's Intent

Effectuating a settlor’s intent is supposed to be a primary guiding principle of trust law. For centuries, courts have stated that their primary purpose in a trust case is to give effect to the “settlor’s

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